5 Colours To Create A Charm In Marketing

Colours have always been an effective visual tool when it comes to communicating an idea. The colours cast a longer impression on the brain which gives it a higher recalling value. Brands keep evolving in these aspects to match up the pace of changing consumer perception. The effect of colours is undeniable because just the display of certain PANTONE shade could instantly connect you with the brand. The image of your brand is something that emotionally draws people to your product. We’ll be discussing 5 colours used in marketing which are bound to leave an impression


This strong and vibrant colour definitely catches attention wherever used. The colour symbolises the passion and excitement- which makes you instantly connect with it. Having the highest visibility, this colour tends to subdue all the other background noise. The colour also has traces of impulsiveness to it- making consumers take immediate actions. For Example, Sales communication of Retail brands is usually found in this colour.


This eye-soothing colour gives a sense of security and dependability to the viewer. It encompasses the feeling of the sky which is like a cover; shielding from the outer alienated objects. Blue symbolises the calmness and longevity of the relationship that the brand wants to establish. As a matter of fact, many banks and financial companies have blue colours used, just because of the trust factor associated with it. Companies like Ford, Facebook, Pepsi and Pidlite (Fevicol) also aim an emotional connect showing the relationship aspect when it comes even to their advertisements.


The green colour comes along with a feeling of positivity. It carries an image of a bonding with the nature. Although, digital it makes your brand connected with life’s vitality. It carries a relaxing and soothing effect with itself. These days’ brands are majorly using this colour to show the aspect of balance and openness. Along with its tints and shades, green colour ideates the concept of environment- friendly. Be it brands like Starbucks, Whole Food Market, Tropicana; all indicate the prospects of growth and wealth along with serenity.


The purple colour has been long associated with luxury and an air of royalty. The colour is associated with power of creativity and innovation. For Example, Cadbury which is known for zeal to create new flavours and blends to keep thriving in the food industry. The colour also carries out the message of being expressive which is very evidently displayed in every Cadbury’s advertisement concept.


The colour associated with enthusiasm and bubbling energy. Orange colour is known to have stimulation effects on the logic centre of the brain. Belonging to the family of warm colours, it does not create urgency as the red colour but definitely leaves a long lasting effect. Brands like Amazon, GSK, Penguin have used this colour to leave impressions in the minds of the consumers. All these brands are pioneers in their fields making it a common name for everyone around.

To say which colour is the best, is just a perception of one’s mind. It all depends on your vision how you want to see your brand’s personality. The characteristics that you wish to ensemble in your brand are demonstrated by the colours you choose. There’s nothing right or wrong in the world of colours. Your brand. Your mission. Our action. Let’s take a leap ahead for success.

Author: Arunima Singh, Branding Intern