SEO Expectation Vs Reality

How many of us after optimizing the content of our webpage have googled the keywords with an anticipation of viewing our page in top search results, got disappointed and questioned the efforts that were invested?

Sometimes we forget that an important measure of SEO success is revenue & gross profit generation from organic sales and go after hard core SEO results like ranking as the first result.

SEO process is like a sales funnel process. Ranking and traffic occupy the top portion of the funnel. Following which, conversion, lead nurture and sales are placed towards the end of the funnel. One should set clear goals for each stage that’s realistic of the brand’s muscle power. Here, few misconceptions for each stage of the funnel and realities of SEO.



SEO Guarantees a First Page Ranking.

One of the widely believed illusions is that a strong SEO results in a first page ranking for a business. It is common for individuals with minimal SEO experience to think that achieving a high SERP (search engine results page) ranking is as simple as tweaking a website and watching their rank skyrocket in one of the top three spots overnight.

Competitive keywords, broad goals and crowded industry spaces make high ranking a challenge, even with an excellent SEO.


While a strong SEO strategy can certainly yield great results, there is never a guarantee for reaching top rankings in any search engine as the overall brand score is factored over site’s SEO.



On-site SEO is sufficient to generate traffic.

Having a well-crafted website is important for a brand. A high-quality title should show searchers that a recommended link is relevant to what they are looking for. However, one cannot solely rely on the web pages to get the attention of search engines. SEO strategy should include content that adds value to the readers.


Writing an article or engaging audiences through guest posting is a great way to drive potential traffic because it delivers your content across new platforms and audiences. This also helps establish a site as a trustworthy website.

Backlinks, blogs, and citations prove a website trustworthy.



High traffic signifies many conversions.

It is often assumed that traffic and conversions are always correlated. But the truth is that one does not need traffic to do sales. It is not about the number of people visiting a site, rather it is the quality of the leads. High traffic always does not yield glamorous results.


Though keyword optimization is important, it is absolutely necessary to invest more efforts in generating a quality content. Your content is what makes your visitors convert into customers. Your goal is to catch the reader's attention and entice them to stick around to find out more about your brand. After all, they are looking for a brand that can provide them the value they yearn for.



Nurturing existing leads is useless but spending time on SEO to generate new leads is important


This perspective of approaching a business can be disastrous. Investing time in lead generation does not mean that lead nurturing can be ignored. For conversions, it is indispensable that we keep our leads engaged through email, SMS text messages, phone calls, retargeted ads, and more.



High ranking implies high sales.


If you hire a SEO agency to optimize your website, generate more traffic, create more leads and conversions, etc. then you are likely expecting to take your money back through theoretical uptick in sales.

In reality, this takes time. Large upfront marketing expenses such as a full-scale website redesign can take months altogether to generate an increase in sales. Most of the time, results can be seen somewhere between 4 and 12 months, but there is not a definite answer. Ultimately, sales kick start after this duration and progress with time.

An effective SEO implementation will compound on itself and generate more revenue, but will take time.

Give your SEO agency at least 6 months to demonstrate the revenue impact or hire one that can uptick your sales in 6 months today